Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall and winter menus

Bon appetit, as Julia would say:

October 10th: Pork-o-rama

Stuffed pork roast served with homemade spaetzle noodles and chunky applesauce ~ French onion soup fresh coleslaw ~ Alsatian pear tart

October 17th: Festival of Squash

Curried buttercup squash soup, served with homemade crème fraiche ~ mixed squash pickle ~ baked delicata, stuffed with quinoa, pecans, cranberries, and cheddar ~ roasted green beans ~ cardamom pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting

October 31: Ghoulish Goodies

Bandaged glazed carrot fingers ~ unblinking-eye meatloaf ~ ghostly mashed potatoes ~ chocolate spiders ~ ladies’ fingers ~ monster eyeballs

November 7th: All Things Latin

Salvadoran pickled cabbage ~ Cuban black bean soup ~ fresh corn tortillas ~ Rio verde chicken enchiladas, baked in a salsa cream sauce ~ flan

November 14th: Good Ol’ Stew and Biscuits

Pickled beets and carrots ~ hot, flaky biscuits served with homemade butter ~ pork and chestnut stew ~ house salad ~ homemade apple pie

December 5th: Beef Stroganoff

Arugula salad with dried tart cherries, blue cheese, and walnuts ~ beef stroganoff with handmade egg noodles, served with homemade crème fraiche ~ lemon-glazed gingerbread

December 12th: Lasagna Night

Antipasto sampler ~ Caesar salad with homemade dressing and croutons ~ lasagna Bolognese or spinach lasagna with toasted, slivered almonds ~
a platter of Italian cookies and lemon ice

January 9th: A Healthy New Year

Sesame cabbage salad ~ vegetarian dumplings ~ baked fish with ginger and shitake mushrooms, served with jasmine rice and roasted kale ~ walnut cookies and ginger ice cream

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