Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our first dinner

Thank you all for
making our first dinner at the Lodge such a success! We hosted 66 people for dinner on Saturday night, and we're so humbled by the positive responses we received about the food, the warm atmosphere, and simply having a place for people to linger and chat with friends. It was lovely.

Our next dinner, this coming Saturday, will feature homemade ravioli. Because they are so labor-intensive to produce, however, we have decided to limit the seating for this dinner and have stopped taking reservations at this time.

If you were hoping to attend, we definitely recommend our chicken pot pie night on September 19th! Our pies will feature local chicken and vegetables baked in a savory gravy under a flaky layer of pastry. We will also be serving our curried zucchini pickles, fresh bread with homemade butter, mesclun salad with Cathy's secret-recipe dressing, and hot apple crisp (from local apples, of course!)

And (as if that weren't enough!) we will end the evening with a hootenanny! We'll pass out the lyrics to some classic folk songs (such as these: and sing along with Deb Burns and her trio, Singing School. If you love to sing, please come! If you've got an instrument, please bring it!

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